Everything is STILL Just Math!

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So, in order to change the slope of 'Everything is On Fire's long crecendo, I figured: I've got a set number of discrete elements that slowly pile on top of each other to create it. And if I want to make the slope more steep, all I need to do is figure out the bar number where each one appears and make a note of it. I then drew a graph so I could see the existing slope. X axis for measures, Y axis for the various hit points. As expected, it's pretty much 45 degrees.

I didn't use graph paper or anything, 'cause I just did it quickly as the idea came to me. So yeah...Technically, my X axis is a little wanky. Anyway:

I then drew a new slope at the angle I wanted it to land at, from hit point to hit point. Finally, I followed the resulting intersection points to find new measure numbers to place the hits. If it didn't hit at a 'conventional' measure, I rounded it up or down.

...And then adjusted to taste, of course : )

Anyway...Thought it might be interesting to post this up here. And acknowledging that the photo got uploaded sideways (?) Can't fix it, I guess : ( But YOU can, if you download it! : )

Created: Dec 25, 2010


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