HitRECord Holiday Fairy

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ANYway, I really hope this makes some of you laugh. It took me a few hours tonight, so, kind of rushed and last minute. Also, the big file wouldn't load so this is super low res MP4. Sorry!

I hope each one of you has a peaceful and lovely holiday season. And I hope that you all got or will get that one thing, big or tiny, that puts a smile on your face. I got mine, and it was, in fact, Tiny. But to me, it was a Big Deal.

HitRECord was the best thing I did this year!

Oh, so if anyone could tell me how to make sound come out nicer on the wee Canon Powershot, that'd be cool. I'm a Mac girl with Express and my audio filters always get wonky.

Well. Happy holidays to you all!

P.S. Didn't get your book this year? You can still pick one up at the store! http://hitrecord.org/store/tiny_book.html

Created: Dec 25, 2010


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