The Good Life (Remix Song)

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It's another DBlank/Domino joint!

As with Future Hearts, I used the title of DBlankMusic's instrumental to craft some carpe diem-ish lyrics, but went less Bowie with the vocals this time and more myself. There's still lots of open space, so I'd love for people to get in on remixing!

SINGERS/RAPPERS: Add melodic or rapped counterpoints to the breaks in vocal parts.

MUSICIANS: Add instrumental counterpoints to the breaks in vocal melodies. Also, I was originally going to record a sax solo for the outro, but chose to leave it open for you all to interpret it however you want to!

Key is the neighborhood of C minor, and I pegged the tempo at 108.510 *shakes fist at DBlank*


No decorations but a bed and a desk

Just instruments in this room

And in the kitchen, if you open the fridge

All condiments and no food

Your degradation rolls right off of my chest

And evaporates with the dew

‘Cos my interpretation is that you lack happiness

And the pity is aimed back at you

If you lock up that open windowsill

You may find out it’s you that time will kill

I’m ensuring that all my attempts are not in vain

No, not today

I may be pauper, but I sing the night away

‘Cos that’s the good life

Go ensure that all of your attempts are not in vain

No, not today

Find your constellation, and do whatever it takes

Don’t fear the good life

Your inhibitions keep you locked in a cage

Of what you think life should be

A stubborn subscription to traditional ways

Or just whatever’s easy

This expedition that defines our days

Should brim with realized fantasies

So choose well your mission; let things fall where they may

I’m wishing you godspeed

If you swallow the keys to magic doors

You won’t truly know what you’re living for

Working file contains all raw and effected vocals stems as well as my music edit. Oh, and first one to catch the Fight Club reference wins a pony!

cover art: northern lights by mitchell19278

Created: Aug 17, 2016

Tags: dblankmusic, remix, new wave, retro, dance, electronic, song, synthpop, male vocals, falsetto, the good life, starving artist, artistic endeavors, naysayers

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