Anouk's Dream: Part 3

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And so, as Anouk's dreamily dream.. turned into a nightmare?
"How.. how could this be?" Anouk thought. As Anouk was pondering about why her dreamily dream turned dramatically into a nightmare, also forgetting that she was pondering in the dark chilling setting,...
all of a sudden there was a horrendous noise coming from the distance.. "ARRRRRRAAAGGGGHHH" it shouted.
"AAH! What could that be?" Anouk became scarred and whirled around to see what it was.. but she couldn't see.

Anouk was scarred. She thought of screaming as loud as she can.. so loud that her wind pipes could burst into flames.. and then crumble into ashes.

But you never can scream in your dreams.
No one can hear you.

Created: Dec 25, 2010


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