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by Mallory Richardson

The clouds covered the sky
and the stars
and the moon
on a hot summer’s night
a Tuesday in June
From the shadows emerged a boy
He was on an adventure
in pursuit of a land
This land had fresh air,
green-blue water,
golden-yellow sand...
After walking a few miles
down an unbeaten path
he shouted to those clouds that covered the sky
“Is there anyone out there?”
No answer
No reply
On he strolled
into the dark
and a girl did appear
And she smiled to herself
Because she’d waited all these years...
She skipped over
Held her grin
Then she stuck out her hand
A bold gesture, indeed
He shook it
She grabbed it
And took off on full speed
“What is this?
Where am I?
Do you know who I am?”
She answered quite frankly,
“Aren’t you off to Wonderland?”
this boy had heard the rumors
of this place
calm and serene
so beautiful and minuscule
to the naked eye unseen
Still confused was the boy
but he traveled along
They ran
and they ran
Then he heard the wind’s song
It whistled through his ears
made its way to his lips
The tune stopped the world
calmed all hearts
unclenched fists
He soon closed his eyes
and the girl followed suit
He let his feet guide him
She followed
(walked right beside him)
Silvery gates beckoned the pair
The two opened their eyes
So inviting
So enticing
An uplifting surprise
In a manner of minutes
the black
turned to white
The night was now day
and in poured the light
Fresh air filled his lungs
It was calm and serene
Waves crashed onto shore
Turning golden sands blue-green
It was real
They had found it
Their souls filled with joy
The pursuit was now over
for the girl
and the boy
Wonderland awaited them
They set uncertainties aside
And from that point on
Neither of them looked back
And the whistling of the wind
was forever their guide.

Created: Dec 24, 2010


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