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I've never been very good
At putting into words
How I feel

So I scoured the bards
The balladeers, the lyricists
To try and find
The words, the sounds
The nouns, verbs and adjectives
That could make up you

But none could be found

So here I am
Pen and paper in hand
Trying to do the impossible
Well -
The improbable
Let's keep this optimistic if not realistic

But where to start?
Let's see
War of the Worlds
Bitch-Bosses from Hell
And Skunk Anansie
Yes, we've come so far

Then came the gigs
Fancy dress parties
and dancing in the car

So now it's your birthday
I suppose all I'm really trying to say
Is I couldn't have wished for a better friend
No way

Created: Dec 23, 2010


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