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We, had not planned on living here forever but
like all things human,
grew attached to the naturalness of staying where
the light is good and
the food is good and
all around life is simple and
Because when good is good enough
Why try to find better and end up worse?

We ended up tying ourselves into trees so
that we would grow up in them and
with them as they grew,
stretch out like their limbs with ours
and set ourselves free to overlook the land below with our massive eyes and tree-top-topiaries.

We became entwined.

Ingrained in the grain of the bark,
our brains expanded and contracted to fulfill the desires
of the knots and of the not knots
but other things that twist themselves in the life of the tree.
Our love became a bird’s nest on a branch,
built up with time and
care to house a smaller love and
love inside that shell smaller still but equal.
How we love small things equally as large is unknown
but love is unknown then too so that is not really important.

Our fingertips spread out to shade a bench
or child
or mushroom
growing at our roots that spread out farther and farther
in desire of water.

Our arms touched the sun.

And then we faded in.
Living forever inside
where no one looks
because the mind doesn’t really need to,
think it needs to.

Created: Dec 23, 2010


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