Nine Red Lights

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I'd be privileged if someone could write some music for this. . .

Nine Red Lights

The night train follows the same old path
From place to place surrounded by your life
With no way back to events elapsed
To again find the woman who would’ve been my wife
But for the waiting train to take me
To take me away from what used to be

Lights fading in and out with people behind
As you pull on through the night
Three red lights standing tall in the dark
I never thought I’d miss what I’d left behind
Taken away doing what I thought right
Nine red lights sending me away from my heart

Tracks that lead from somewhere to nowhere
With troubles always waiting up ahead
I remember tall trees that kept the shade
A thousand faces all with something to share
Now those trees are withered and dead
Those faces weighed down under debts unpaid

Down the tracks a hundred miles or more
We all died with smiles on our faces
Forever sure that there would be another door
Another chance to learn our graces
But behaviour has told against our lives
Made each of us places where loneliness thrives

Created: Dec 23, 2010


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