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i also looked for cartoons, thinking that might mesh with the original vid...but this one is so so strange, i'm not sure. anyway, it's got some great courtroom stuff! tho entirely populated by gnomes, elves, and pixies of various kinds. yeah.

my fave bit is the time machine, run by father time, running backwards. i think that may be the most useful thing from this, for that moment when they sing about not going back...

i left the sound on, cuz you never know...

time stamps are for the full video located here, where there's a DIVx version:

4:30 trial begins, in "pixie court"

cab calloway-type judge enters @ 5:13

kennedy-like prosecutor @ 5:21

stenographer @ 5:30

judge using gavel @ 6:04

very 3 stooges lawyer argument @ 6:27 (maybe this can mesh with AmbrenotAmber's stooges clip.)

gnome jury @ 6:42

gnome jury @ 7:16 - looks like they are all wearing hitREC buttons, i swear!

time marches backwards @ 8:05

In the courtroom sequence, this cartoon draws from radio stars of the day. The prosecutor has the voice of Fred Allen, the policeman is Ed Wynn and the court reporter is Joe Penner.

The voice of the latter is supplied by Danny Webb (aka Dave Weber) who used the same vocal impression in Warners cartoons.

Created: Dec 23, 2010

Tags: time machine, lawyers, judge, dog, jury, gnomes, elves, pixies, trial, court, father time

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