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The link is here: It's originally about female reproductive rights, Roe v. Wade, one of our earlier struggles to live the way we should be entitled to. Anyway!

I've cut it back to the four clips I thought were exciting and possibly usable.

The first shot is 15 seconds long and is a moving shot of the Supreme Court circa 1973. (I was thinking either :17 to :20 - "There's a trial going on right now..." or 1:30 to 1:43 - "Two days before the trial..."?)

Second shot is :17 to :25 and is of people marching and being led away by police. So I was thinking, maybe, "When anybody's rights get wronged it's everybody's wake up call..."

Thirs it :28-:40 and has some B&W shots of voting in the NY capitol. Maybe for :17 to :20 - "There's a trial going on right now..."?

:41-:47 is a shot of the Supreme court, so possibly "There's a trial going on right now..." for that, instead?

Anyway, I hope these few clips help you out some!

Created: Dec 23, 2010


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