So, there's some movies we should all see right?

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We've got a bunch of interesting people on this site, the kind of people who appreciate that there are certain movies that we should all see... Whether we come out of it loving them or not, we feel fired up from having seen them. Is there any streaming/rental website that lets us say, "Right, 28th December. THAT is the movie to watch." There is something about knowing you watched a movie or whatever at the same time as other people, a group shared experience. Is there any way to do that? I realise it has some time zone and copyright hurdles, even if we could just say, "Just some time in these 24 hours" That would be awesome. I think it would be really cool if someone with a strong opinion of classic movies, someone we would all notice, could say, "This movie is available to rent online from this site; let's all watch it" That's worth a few dollars/yen/joints of our collective stash isn't it?

Created: Dec 23, 2010


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