Play Along > Play Along 87: Sing or rap on top of this “Electric Snow” song - Vocals


By resonancemusiq


If it doesn't  kill you

It’s bound to make you stronger

If it doesn't  kill you

It’s bound to make you stronger

I know life is filled with stress

But what is a victory without tests?

So If doesn't  kill you

It’s bound to make you stronger

What’s a little rain when you’ve been through a hurricane?

What’s a silly name to the boy with a damaged brain who doesn’t even know his name?

I know the world aint equal but who could bear the pain of a slave bearing chains

In the name of sugar cane?

Yet we complain about the car that just broke down in the middle of the busy lane

We would wait in a line just to give our money to a greedy corporation

So what’s the hesitation when a mother with two young kids

No food to eat no clothes to wear, what’s a little change to spare?

It will only make us stronger 


Created: Jul 30, 2016

Tags: hip hop, resonancemusiq, donvalix, playalong87, stonger

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