The Unwondered Box

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I stared and I thought
with an craftsman’s keen eye.

What would be the chances
that this would come by?

An unwondered brown box;
such a wonderful thing.

One wonders what adventures
that this box can bring?

A castle with towers
and a wide watery moat.

High seas on a pirate ship
‘cross the ocean it floats.

A speedy, red race car
zooming all ‘round the track.

Fly away in an airplane
and never look back.

In the bobsled so fast,
down the hillside it shot.

A secretive hideout
for hatching a plot.

A green canvas tent,
in the forest for sleep.

A parachute for jumping,
taking off with a leap.

All aboard a locomotive,
down the train tracks it goes.

A big bouncing plow truck,
to push away snow.

With the warm golden glow
of the sun’s setting rays,

The darkness creeps in,
fun is done for the day.

All folded and a creased,
trimmed and pasted with glue,

By nightfall the wonderful,
now wondered box
finally wore through.

Created: Dec 22, 2010


mack382 Document Media