Treason, Trees and the Like.

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For. Not "four".
This is not a numbers game.
It's a battle of reception.
Of course, now you know you're being deceived, thus ruining the illusion.
Stray far. But stay close.
That light is bigger than it really makes itself out to appear to be.
It sure is bright.
I shine.
I'm bright.
Am I the light?
Am I even alive?
Can lights live?
Walk through the woods and tell me what I am.
If I am a living light, tell my wife she no longer touch me.
She can see me as you do but her skin will burn on contact.
to be burned by a husband that is unsure of his existence.
Turn round.
Look into the darkness.
My light is my curse.
I am my curse.
A light.
Through the trees.
A campfire.
I am not the light.
I am near, around, and before the light.
But the light and I are not one.
I can hold my wife again.
Her beauty will remain unscarred.
Her eyes will not be blinded by the brightness of a husband who was unsure.
Where is my wife?
Her flowing, orange hair keeps dancing but she is nowhere in sight.
My wife.
She is the light.

Created: Dec 22, 2010


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