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For those of you who read my last text, "One Eye Shut" here is the follow up

If there were no dark, there would be no light.
If there were no light, there would be no dark.
Dark and light need eachother to exist.

I can open both my eyes now.

My face looks brand new. Theres a glow to it that I love.

If you look close into my eyes they are two colors

The uninjured eye is light brown.

The Injured eye is dark brown-almost black.

Light and Dark.
Dark and Light.
Two oposites.

One can be thought as Evil.
One can be thought as Good.

Thats what life is. It depends on how you look at it.
Just be careful. Remember, Dark needs the light and the light needs the dark.

Life is never going to be only dark or only light

It'll always be a good mix of both.

Created: Dec 21, 2010


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