Anne and Harold

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“Harold, stop the car!”
The car lurched to a halt, veering to the side of the road, “What is it Anne?” Harold asked, voice teetering on the edge of anger.
“Look at the baby seals, they’re playing together.” Anne responded, her voice fluttering with mirth.
“You had me pull the car over for these damn seals?” Harold asked, voice falling over the edge into anger.
“Oh Harold,” Anne cooed, “Don’t be such a grump.” Anne began to fish her hand through the purse, revealing a camera. “I’m going to take a few pictures.” She smiled to Harold’s scowl, “I’ll be back in a second.” Anne opened the car door to a blast of cold air.
Harold pulled her coat from the back seat of the car. “At least take your,” Anne slammed the car door shut, “coat.” Harold watched Anne run across the road to the beach, her blonde hair whipping in the wind. “If it’s not one things it’s another.” Harold muttered to himself. Harold picked his cell phone up from the center console, and began flipping through old emails.
There was rapping on the car’s window. He looked up; Anne beckoned him from the car. He rolled his head, and sighed, opening his car door, Anne’s coat in hand. “Hurry up dear, they’re wrestling!” Anne exclaimed.
Harold zipped up his coat, and walked around the car to Anne, where he draped her coat around her shoulders. She gazed up into his eyes, “Show me these seals.”
She bounced on the balls of her feet and placed a kiss on Harold’s cheek. “They’re over here.” She skipped across the street ahead of Harold. Harold cracked a smile, following her with his hands in his pockets. “Harold, let’s take a picture by these seals.” Harold looked up, a pair of seals flailed together. He sputtered out a chuckle.
“Honey, I don’t think those seals are wrestling.” He replied.
Anne looked at the seals, confusion mixed with jubilation, “Oh, then what are they doing…” she trailed off, “Oh, is that really how they do it?”
Harold laughed, wrapping his arms around her, “Forget about the seals Annie, all I want is you and me in this picture.”

Created: Dec 21, 2010


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