The Time Machine Concept Applied

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The Time-Machine Concept Applied.

I’m Nuno Cruz, my english is pretty decent but i may find some difficulties to express my idea, sorry about that.
Time-Machine. Every movie about this topic made so far was made in a juvenile context, with no actual story or main purpose. I had an idea of a movie that includes time machine travelling, conspiracy and loads of action. First of all I would like to expose the idea of Time-Machine and how it works. The Time-Machine creates a temporal vortex that allows travelling through it, as you may understand the period of time is limited to the vortex dimension but how? The moment we “turn on” the machine we create the temporal vortex, chronologically speaking the center of the vortex is the moment of its creation as we may call “Time 0” then the vortex grows symmetrically towards the present and past. To elucidate you I’ll give you an example: two days after the creation of the vortex it allows us to travel 2 days into the past and its travelling period would be 2daysPast----Time 0----2daysPresent, the older the vortex the bigger the travelling period. The space component is constant only time changes, not the location.
I’m going to present you the main idea of the story, not detailed as there are more qualified people to help with it. It will start of course with the image of USA destroyed by the nuclear attack and the presenting of this group of people developing the concept of time machine. We know their purpose, their mission, which is avoiding the nuclear attack. The attack takes place in 2011, after 6 years of investigation they begin the vortex in 2017. Only in 2023 they were allowed to travel to the date before the nuclear attack. John is picked to travel. 2011, 1 month before the attack he appears in London with account information that gives him access to the money he needs. He travels to New York where it all happened. Mean while in the present their project is discovered, his friends are killed and the machine destroyed. So he is lost in the past but his mission prevails: avoid the catastrophe. He needs to expose the organization while he prevents them from strike. How is he going to succeed? He will make a new time machine. With the vortex created before the event he will have the most powerful weapon on his side: time. This will allow him to escape from the error and anticipate the already seen future. How? As it was explained the vortex allows to travel throw this time period:
PAST------x days----------TIME 0-------x days----------PRESENT
This is a yet green idea but also interesting in my point of view. I can’t describe it exactly how it shows in my mind but I hope that you, with a little effort, can see it the way I see. It is something different and unusual that with quality and good taste can lead us to a tremendous movie.
I hope to hear some feedback from you soon. Thank you for your time!

Created: Dec 21, 2010


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