Shadow and Boy

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The boy looked at the shadow and it looked back.
Tilting its head this way and that.
“And who are you?” it did ask
“Perhaps I am I and you are too”
“So I am both you and I?”
“Yes” the boy replied
“Then together we are a we?” shadow did question
“Indeed this is true” the boy replied again.
“But what for when you grow?”
“Well so will you” the boy simply did say
As if it where not a matter of worry
“But we’ll be different” the shadow's voice quivered
“No longer a we but two separate beings,
I of darkness & mist and you of flesh & blood-”
This did make the boy touch with soft fingertips
the wall his forever friend lent against
“I will take you with me no matter what”
He whispered pushing hand over the shadows heart
“for I am never alone with you right behind
And when the sun is setting
I will stand with my back to it
To see you before me”
And so with this promise
the shadow did follow
till boy became man
man became more
then finally
when man was no more.

Created: Dec 21, 2010


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