The McMahagill Murders (Random Remix Song)

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My random record was the photograph Yellowstone River by LilyHanh (cover art). I searched Yellowstone-related texts for lyrical inspiration when I happened across the marvelous campfire story by AnaDiplosis. The tricky part was referencing the photo as much as the subject matter. I may have failed in that regard, but meh. I'm happy with this!

182 BPM

Cmin w/ a few peppered chord changes (comment if you'd like to know them!)

stems (effected & panned) available in working file


My darlin’ met me breathless

She found me plunged in sickness

Under the pure white of the Yellowstone sky

She cured me of the darkness

My darlin’ made me senseless

The witch drove me to madness

Advances were spurned by those Otter Creek ferns

So to me she was defenseless

Forgive me, my love

My darlin’ left me breathless

The witch had gone and hexed us

Now joining the birds in the majestic firs

Our skulls clunk in the branches

Eternally we’re headless

So stick to the rocks on your Yellowstone walks

Or you’ll see my family tree

Created: Jun 24, 2016

Tags: random remix, song, murder, witch, horror, yellowstone national park, anadiplosis, lilyhanh, acoustic guitar, djembe, recorder, tambourine, folk, male vocals, campfire story

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