Columbine, columbine, please alert this love of mine;

By theleslie

My brother started this Facebook group last year called Art Jam, because our entire group of friends is artistic in one way or another and we thought it might be neat to take a theme and two weeks and work within that.

The theme here was nature and the type of flower is columbine because I was caught up in the Decemberists' The Hazards of Love when I drew this, and had researched every last detail of it. (This was for a Fringe festival production of it as a stage performance which didn't amount to anything, but I will try it again!)

Art Jam died out after a while. It was quite tragic, really. This is all the more reason that I'm glad to be here, though: you all seem so incredibly supportive, and I couldn't imagine anything inspiring me more to try and actually make art than that type of support. I can't really draw, but I enjoy it for as little as I do of it, so maybe I should draw more.

Which is all to say, hello! I'm Leslie! And you are?

Columbine, columbine, please alert this love of mine;

Created: Jan 21, 2010


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