To my Secret Santa: Madisen Music

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For my Secret Santa - Madisen Music - a poem about his wonderful work:) (I originally was going to make a video with his juggler poem, but it turned out being more about me and not really a gift. It still will probably happen though:)

If you pass him Scotch tape,
he can mend broken hearts.
Mixing words into beauty
is his favorite art.

He’s created a world,
with some Hursery Rhymes,
things are not quite right,
Jack and Jill commit crimes.

But this world isn’t all
dark, stormy and gray.
For the wind is his friend
and a lamp lights his way.

Madisen Music,
thanks for all that you do.
Have a wonderful season -
Merry Christmas to you!

Created: Dec 18, 2010


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