Secret Santa Record: For H.S.

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I know I'm a bit early on this one, but I just couldn't wait to put it up! I hadn't seen H.S.'s work before, but she has some really beautiful photography and artwork so I'm excited to get other people to see it! I decided to use one of her photographs and change the coloring different ways to make pictures out of it--a difficult but fun task since I'm a writer, not an artist and the only photo-editing ability I have is on Powerpoint. I wrote the poem myself and had my wonderful brother do the voice-over, but the artwork is all thanks to H.S. Thanks to GabyVaughan for putting this collaboration together! I'm excited to see what people create in the name of Christmas. In the lovely words of H.S., the Art of Life is never sold, but borrowed. Merry Christmas, H.S. and hitRECorders, and may our record lights always be on! (also the words of H.S.)

Created: Dec 18, 2010


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