the [uni]verse is us.

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So here is me killing two birds with one stone:

One challenge from phenomena has her asking me to write a song using something she has written, and so I have. It was a poem she wrote called "The Universality of Us." I loved it, needless to say; I did, however, have to edit the lyrics just a little in order to fit the song (I usually write music first, lyrics second). Hopefully it is not egregious.

The other challenge was another from Metaphorest, saying I needed to write a song using a poem as lyrics, and so I have! (see above)

Again, I hope this is worth your time, and you get a little bit of joy(?) out of it. And thanks to both phenomenaaa and Metaphorest for such wonderful challenges!

Bring 'em on!


We floated
through the cool,
paradise of the stars.

We kissed underneath
the light
of the meteorites.
We kissed amongst dreaming
We kissed along the shadows
of the moon.

I loved you.

We floated
through the cool
paradise of love.

We walked
amidst the
aching, violent
turmoil of Earth.

You held my hand
through darkness
I could not explain.
You held my hand
when I cried for Paradise.

I loved you.

Created: Dec 18, 2010


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