madheadache - hideandseek

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This is one of my music projects entitled madheadache. This track represents the general mood/feel of the project, there's about 6 other tracks at the moment. It's a collaboration between myself and a close friend who's moved far away. This track started with him sending me the beat in an e-mail with one sentence. The sentence is the first line of the lyrics.

here's a new beat, it sounds like the weather in miami -- hope you like it.
Inside it's central air, but out there it's a fucking sauna.
If you don't want to come outside, I can't say i'd be surprised.

walking unfamiliar streets, the weather's just perfect in San Francisco -- thanks for the invite.
I'm the giving/needy type, I give a lot because I need to.
I'm often not discerning enough about who it is I give to.

if I closed my eyes
count to twenty-five
would you run and hide?
would you run and hide?

Created: Dec 18, 2010

Tags: cold, music, beat, mad headache, hide and seek, down-tempo, melancholy, lyrics, electronic, trip hop

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