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Upon witnessing our first snow this December, I've decided that winter is the most romantic season. As I watched the snowflakes fall, memories of being snowed in with a few good friends during last year's snow storm made me smile...three days of bliss; it was everything I wanted and more.
So, tell me..what is a favorite winter memory of yours?

To give a little more background info on being snowed in: our original plan was to have a one night sleepover, but the storm warning almost canceled it. Everyone decided to go ahead with it anyway, so the seven of us dressed in our pajamas, made some drinks, and played games while we watched the snow fall. To make a long story short, it didn't stop snowing for 3 days.. but we had a house fully stocked with food, beverage, games, and movies.. to cap it all off, we built a snow tunnel in the front yard on the last morning of our sleepover adventure. It was one of the best times and will always be a favorite memory of mine.

Created: Dec 17, 2010


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