Et In Arcadia Ego

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Q. What is the de sidere fruit?

A. The de sidere fruit is a very special type of fruit that grows only under waterfalls. It cannot be bought or sold, cultured or harvested. Lovers give each other this fruit in the autumn to show their devotion. The skin of it is peeled away and the heart eaten, piece by piece, down through the thorny core of it. If the fruit is eaten by an untrue lover, the core will pierce its way out, through the stomach and the skin, until none of it remains in the body.

The fruit is a deep red, like blood. It is at once romantic and horrifying, as an obsessive lover.


Q. What does the de sidere fruit taste like?

A. It is sweet. It is tart. It consumes your stomach and coats your thoughts. It is the best thing you have ever eaten, but once it has left your tongue you will never again remember how it tasted.


Q. When was the fruit discovered?

A. It was discovered long before you were born.  


Q. Where did the fruit come from?

A. It came from the stars.


Q. How long has the fruit been used?

A. The fruit can never be used. It may be borrowed or won, but it is not a thing to possess – only to hold.


Q. How long has the fruit been in use?

A. It has been in use since the sky first kissed the supernal lights, since the moon first chose to cast its shadow in the afterglow of the sun. It will be in use until the end of the earth spills over into the heavens, until the deepest song of the universe draws to its final note.


Q. When is the best time to pick the fruit?

A. The best time to pick the fruit is when the sunlight catches the water in the same manner that a rainbow is birthed.  


Q. Is the fruit healthy to eat?

A. Some have been cured of lifelong illnesses by the property of the fruit. Others have wasted away from a single bite.  


Q. How old must you be to partake of the fruit?

A. Older than you are now.  


Q. What happened when the first fruit was eaten?

A. When the first fruit was eaten, the earth divided into seasons of frost and fever, and the first child was conceived.


Q. What happened when the second fruit was eaten?

A. No one knows what happened when the second fruit was eaten.


Q. Does the fruit exist?

A. The fruit exists.


Q. What does the fruit want?

A. The fruit wants the seasons to return to their glory, and the birds to re-learn how to fly. It wants the clouds to find slumber in the morning, and rainbows to find their roots in the earth.


Q. What makes the fruit so beautiful?

A. The fruit is beautiful because the people believe it is beautiful. If it were ugly, none would have seen it but the visionaries who search out the beauty in storm clouds.

Created: Dec 17, 2010


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