I Am

By ten low

Well, I had to start with SOMETHING. This is a fun exercise, it changes from day to day, even hour to hour. Like I said, merely a starting place; it won't all be so whispy. I'm sooooo glad I found this place!!!

I am forever a child
a boy in a girl and the other way around

I am dusk
the impending night
and the dreams I dwell in beyond it

I am a snowflake of cottonwood going neither here nor there
but only where the struggles between the wind and gravity may take me

I am the ocean and what lies beneath it
same as or confused with the midnight sky
only starless

I am somersaults over cliffs

I am asleep when awake and awake when asleep

I am a heartbeat with a murmur

I am a question without an answer
and tearful laughter

I am the rhythms
now and then
pressed out through my feet and fingertips

I am every song and word my throat has birthed

I am fistfuls of ringlets
and miniature trinkets
and tiny boxes containing watch parts

I am muteness with sight

I am loud voice from a head with no sound

I am the time I kicked my mother

I am the day I let go of my father

I am magnetic water
and a keeper of platonic love

I am the Milky Way laid above Crystal Lake
and a faint star glowing through the clouds in the city

I am the piece that is missing

I am listening

I Am

Created: Jan 21, 2010


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