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There will always be someone who will make you a better person. Someone who will make you feel happy. Someone who will laugh with you. Someone who will cry with you. Someone who trys to understand you. Someone who means something to you. Someone you can sit in silence with. To some people this person is their best friend. To some people it's their boyfriend or girlfriend. To some people it's their husband or wife. To some people it's their brother or sister. To some people it's their dad. To me it's my mother. The one I know that will always be there for me. The one who can always make me feel better. The one who can laugh with me. The one who teases me. The one I can talk to. The one who will always teach me what is right or wrong no matter how old I am. My mother. She's my heart.

I love you mom.

Created: Dec 15, 2010


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