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From a humble red velvet seat, a person can be moved, thrown further than one has ever dreamed, into worlds unimaginable. It is not the person who is moving him or herself, but the theatre.

The theatre is an unconquerable force, putting people exactly where it wants them, and using them to achieve its own goals; the theatre is a skilled instructor, a magnifying glass, directing people where to look and showing it closer than one has ever looked; the theatre is a boiling pot, a tell-all dish, bringing life’s deepest truths to the surface. The theatre will take a group of innocent individuals and transform them; it is the potter, moulding the clay into entire new forms that view the world in a different way. From the subtly-moving lights, to the inflection of an actor’s voice, to the desire to leap to one’s feet and applaud, the theatre is a force to be reckoned with.

In order to be truly moved, however, one must prepare for the experience that waits behind the thick, velvet curtains. Prepare for laughter, tears and heavy sighs; prepare for actors to tear their hearts from their chests, baring them for you to take them as a whole; prepare for a transformation

Created: Dec 14, 2010


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