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this calls for a celebration...

By LexiScherr

good riddance, right?

check out the working file for my photoshop work.

this calls for a celebration...

Created: May 15, 2016

Tags: graphic design, photograph, party, celebrate, celebration, break-up, fuck that guy, colorful, scrapbook, the art of breaking up, fuck, expletives, text bubble, text, typography, words, party time, over, break up, breaking up, broken up, good riddance, for the best, funny, cute, happy, tears of joy, glad, glad it's over, high-res, drawing, graphic design, horizontal, landscape, nature, trees, bunting, penants, blue sky, balloons, balloon, clouds, cloud, party hat, polka dots, smile, mixed media, big smile, happiness, long hair, girl, nose ring, lip ring, teeth, saturation, overlay, layout, design, patasha, annamariamp, marke, saraddrv, rgupta95, littledot

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