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you are late today.
(just a little)
scorching senti-
mentality rejuvinates over-
whelms, but i crane
my neck to you
-- all the same;
you've sought me out
again today.

(reserved) happiness
through pockets of
playful sunshine
soaking up sweet,
savory splendor
blistering, jolting
blood through open-
ended canals of veins.

i crave for you,
(do you think about that?
do you think about me?)
i catch myself consciously
but can't look away
gaze admiring rays of
life that i require;
but what is that to you?

as skies grow nostalgic,
purple haze,
longing for disheveled stars
i beg of you -- do not go;
lean closer, let me breathe
the flicker of warmth in my
tiny paper heart,
crinkled. and exhaust-

hang my head low, dreaming
of mystic summer afternoons
where you
-- blister and blur --
linger silently. wonder
whose heliosis you heal and
who else you do not love;
i long for you in the east until
tomorrow, and i

Created: Dec 12, 2010


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