Breathing Exercises

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Yellow or marigold upon December mornings
Trickling down his sweat-beaded spine
Of fever-dreams, or goose bumps,
Or icicles of nervous hair;

Scattered in hospital typographics
In quietly humming vacant exit signs.
Palpitating suns and cups of coffee
For our heliotropic hearts,

Whilst sunflowers and snow buttercups whither
Robbed of vivacity by linoleum floors
And consolation of florescent lights
In the blinding neon of urban sprawl:

Behold the waft of cold entwined with
The gust of heat from the radiator;
The same wind that waltzes the curtains
Without noise, and awakens --

We twitch and breathe
Live to dream again and escape:

Created: Dec 12, 2010


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