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(this is just to start us off, it's a draft too)

I walk down the road to see a never-ending line of tall, skinny buildings. They all look identical, as if someone took a picture and pressed copy and past over and over again, but I know that inside each one of the identical houses is a story that is known only by the family that owns it. I look up and the sky hides behind massive trees, and millions of leaves, but I can see the grey sky peeking through. I keep walking, past the mini cooper and the beaten up red car that seems to have been sitting there for years. I see wands worth common, the park where I grew up walking my dogs, where I used to go after a long day of school to play tag with my best friends, where I went to feed the baby ducks with my nanny. It looks duller than it used to but maybe it’s just because it is hidden behind layers of dull fog and hidden behind the dull leaves. I’m finally home only a few buildings stand between my house and the park that holds so many memories. I walk through my black gates. It creeks as if announcing my return. I ring the doorbell and can see a figure moving towards me through the stained glass window behind which my world lies. This is my home.

Created: Dec 12, 2010


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