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Everytime I go and visit my nan, I sit by the fireplace and listen to her talk. That's where it all started. My passion for writing.
Do you rememeber the very first story that has ever been read to you? Or how proud you were the first time you wrote your name all by yourself?
My nan used to read me the greatest stories, fairytales about lost children, bad wolves and witches and I rememeber those stories casting a spell on me and how they wouldn't let me go to sleep at night because I kept repeating them over and over in my head, so I wouldn't forget them. Then I started to come up with my own stories.
I would tell them to anyone who could bare being in a room with me for more then 5 minutes. When I got into school and learned how to write, I became one of the most avid writers in my class and I loved when the teacher picked me to read my stories out loud.

Music played a big part, too. The most significant song to me growing up was "No Doubt - Don't speak". I would listen to the song hours on end, without even knowing what they were singing about. So I decided to learn English and realized, how beautiful this language is and how you could play with words. Anagrams, tongue twisters, limericks, oxymorons... I could have done the same with "my" language - German - but I don't know why, I was always better at expressing myself in English.
The notebooks piled up on my shelves and as I grew older, writing quickly became my substitute for talking, my notebooks became my best friends - they kept all my secrets, all those horrible thoughts and all the things I couldn't talk about to anyone. And then, things went from bad to worse and I stopped writing. Completely. Not one word, for years. I banished all my notebooks under my bed, even threw some away because I simply couldn't bare looking at them anymore.
So I just went about my daily routines, got up, went to work, went home, went to bed... but not once did I put pen to paper and wrote about it. I even lied to myself, pretending I wouldn't miss writing, not one bit... but deep inside I knew I did.

One day last year, I went on YouTube and found a video called "HitRECord-2007-05-18" in the "Recommended for You"-section. I actually just clicked it because I had recently watched "Manic" for the 100th time and got curious because it showed Joseph Gordon Levitt - so I clicked it. (And to this day I thank YouTube for its randomness in recommending videos to me!!!) And there was Joe, talking about a new forum on "some" website called hitRECord.org.
I looked up other videos about this place and ended up watching "What does hitrecord mean?" and there it was... this familiar feeling... like an itch, but a good one... This video and Joe's enthusiasm really infected me with inspiration. So I went on hitRECord.org and was instantly amazed by this place.

I remember one of the first RECords I watched was gypsyacidqueen's "come out, come out" and RegularJOE's "Escargots". I think I spent the whole night in front of my computer reading through all the threads, all the RECords and ended up fishing out my old notebooks from under my bed.
I just watched the site for a couple of months before I decided to become a member or as I'd rather say, before I became a hitRECorder - just in time for 11/11.

I know I have said this so many times but it's the truth: NEVER have I been more inspired to write, to RECord then since I have joined hitRECord and met all these amazingly talented people. Never have I felt more welcome to a community of total strangers who all produce art together. It doesn't matter who you are, where you live, how old you are, whether you are on popstar wages or a poor student struggling to get by. It doesn't matter how little you contribute, whether it's a whole script or just a fraction of a video, a melody or lyrics to a song... once you join hitRECord, you become part of an amazing collaboration.
It certainly opens hearts and minds, hitRECord helped me to start writing again. YOU helped me to start writing again. I'd like to believe that I am somewhat of a good writer. I don't know... Writing helps me to process, helps me to progress and it makes me feel free....

The most beautiful thing to happen to me while being a hitRECorder is, that one of my poems "Screaming into the darkness" was used by lindseyd who turned it into a stunning new RECord using one of PikiSmiles drawings. This poem means a lot to me and I actually hesitated before I put it on hitRECord. But when I saw her RECord I had tears in my eyes because I never thought my words could actually reach out to someone else, causing them to feel inspired and create something as beautiful as Lindsey did.
And this is why I hitRECord - almost every day. It is this community of people from all over the world who are all here to do one thing: to hitRECord and share it with everyone.
So, no matter where you are, what you are doing, who you are with. hitRECord. May it be for yourself or for the whole world to see. Inspire us, let us inspire you.

I am hitting RECord. Are you?

Created: Jan 20, 2010


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