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He seemed to look at her but only slightly, she stared at him with a stink eye to make sure he was looking or not looking. She absolutely hated it when people slightly looked at her; either they should look or not. No gray zones in that area. Now he looked and he looked rather bewildered at her eye that seemed lazy.
- AHA! So you were looking?!
All the other passengers in the bus looked at her whilst he surprised jumped in his seat beside hers.
-Ex…Excuse me?
He stammered as her stink eye went away into a normal eye like he had first seen when he was slightly looking.
- I caught you red handed Jill! I saw you looking and what were you looking for if I might ask?
The only thought what crossed his mind was “What the fuck?”.
- Well, I can sit her all day screaming on the bus and have everyone look at us or you can tell me what it was that you so slightly looked at.
With his mouth gaping at her and his right eyebrow going slightly up she started to think that he was a bit retarded as did he with her.
- I’m sorry but, I was just looking at you.
- Okay.
She turned her head towards the window and looked out as if nothing had happened.
- Hey! What the fuck was that about?
Now everyone was looking at him including her.
- What?
- What do you mean what? Do you always sit on buses yelling at people for looking at you?
- No, but you were only slightly looking at me so I had to know for sure if you were looking or not looking.
- Why?
- Why? Why are you taking the bus? Why did you sit beside me when there so clearly are other seats available? Why do you ask why? I did it because I wanted to know.
There was a silence now and the passengers kept on looking at them.
- I thought you were cute.
This he muttered so that the others wouldn’t hear.
- What?
- I sat beside you because I thought you were cute and I looked slightly at you because well I thought you were cute.
- I’m not cute anymore then?
- Well, to be honest you seem a bit crazy.
- Isn’t that what everyone wants nowadays though? Someone who’s cute and crazy? Oh and of course funny. Well imagine after being together with me for 15 years and looking back at how we met and we tell everyone this story at our wedding, how funny wouldn’t that be?
He knew he should be very creped out for her even mentioning them getting together, their 15 year relationship and their future wedding speech, but strangely he wasn’t creped out enough to let it bother him.
- Slightly.
- I am guessing that slightly will be the word of the day.
- Yeah.
- How about we slightly get off this bus and go on a date.
- You can’t use slightly like that.
- I just did though and there is nothing you or any of them can do about it.
She looked at the other passengers who now looked away.
- Am I taking you on a slight date or not?
- If you stop using the word slightly.
- I can’t promise anything.
- Okay.
He took her hand and pressed the stop button. She was standing behind him and high fived an old lady.
- Where to then?
- I slightly feel that we should go and get some hot chocolate.
- I slightly agree.

Wow i was bored when i wrote this but i just post everything up. Any remarks?

Created: Dec 10, 2010


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