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I Don't Think There Are Any Blue Ducks

By Traeidein

After watching Joe's Regularity on Friday, the line about blue ducks cracked me up and inspired me to write a song for the character collab.  Its pretty rough at the moment.  Would be cool for people to sing the different characters' voices.  Anyhew, will upload the stems tomorrow, its late......zzzzzz.

Stems in the working file!


One day when I was a young buck

An out-of-water odd duck

I wished greatly for popularity

An old wizard strolling by my pond

Saw me swimming on my own

Took pity and asked of my hopes and dreams

“Kindest sir,”,said I “its such a shame

But I have not one friend to my name

Though I am the handsomest duck in the world

What I’d really love is endless toast

I’d hunger not and I could boast

Of my talents and I’d be lonely no more”

The wizard sighed “I’ll grant your wish

But do take care, don’t be remiss

Of the perils boastful vanity can do

Heed my warning else you’ll become

The ugliest duck under the sun

In the most off-putting shade of blue”

“But there’s no such thing as a blue duck

Kind sir, I wish the best of luck

I’ll live life with my head up in the clouds

I don’t know what you’re on about

But what I’d love the most

Is to show off my magical toast”

So with my new excellent magical power

I became the duck of the hour

With my shining feathers and buttery bread pristine

And though I’d obtained popularity

In spite of my boastful vanity

Little did I know what my rise would mean

One day I woke and with a fright

Saw my visage change overnight

My feathers had turned the most horrid shade of blue

So I flew up as high as I could go

So no one else would ever know

What an ugly duck I’d turned into

And now I’m up here on my own

I’m bored so I toss this magic toast

Its wasteful, but I’m one lonely bird

And everyday I feign a smile

But I’m still wishing all the while

That I had heeded that old wizard’s words.

I don’t think there’s any blue ducks

Like me I guess I’m outa luck

An outcast with my head in these clouds

I don’t know what life’s all about

But what I think I want the most

Is someone to share my magical toast

I Don't Think There Are Any Blue Ducks

Created: May 02, 2016

Tags: blue ducks, yeah, this is happening, regularity, character collab, traeidein, stuff

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