The Sad Clown Story

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On the deserted bus-stop the clown was joined
The clown with a swelling head and by doubts owerflowed
His red swollen nose flew down by little red brooks with the rain
And his black eye looked ominously, when it tried from tears abstain

So dear readers
this is not a simple nursery rhyme about a simple man in clown’s mask
Because the clown has to carry out an unusualy difficult task
He drives visiting hospitals during his daily life
He flappes with the large ears to make the children laugh
He makes juices from children’s drops
And fortresses from hospital’s cots
And even nurses have a fun with him,
Because he picks up their medical team

On the deserted bus stop the clown was joined with a sad, heay head
The clown, who losed today the fight with the cancer and death
(… of one more child)

Created: Dec 10, 2010


Monika_Dekowska Document Media