How two lies change one life

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Two lies,
From two loves,
Taking away the life
Of an innocent.

A broken heart,
A biter ending,
Lost friendships,
a once naïve girl,
Who is now trying to find
Her place in this world.

You thought you could fool me,
But you two only fooled yourselves.
Well congratulations,

You broke the one
who loved you most,
you ripped her out,
leaving her empty and alone,
with no where to turn,
and no one to hold,
are you happy now?

It’s better now,
She’s moved on,
A healing heart,
A hopeful road,
Found new friends,
She knows better than to be ignorant,
But she’s still trying to find herself—
She’s still lost in the unknown.

I thought I could fool myself,
Thought the scars were gone,
Thought the pain wore off,
But I guess I was wrong.

You broke the one
You loved the most,
My heart’s ripped out,
Leaving me empty and alone,
With no where to turn,
And no one to hold,
How do I attain
What’s left in-store?

Well Karma has come to haunt you,
But I’m still left hanging to dry,
Broken beliefs,
Oh, how you’ve changed me.

By: Audrey Schaefer

Created: Dec 09, 2010


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