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How I illustrate

By Unihorse

This is a video showing my illustration process. I draw on  my phone using an app called Sketch Club (its currently $4.49 on the app store - both ipad and iphone compatible). I've been using it for about 5 years now. On a side note... my phone has a nice crack across the screen, gives it character :P

Sometimes I draw a rough sketch first then outline it, buuuut, if I don't know what to draw (95% of the time) and want to start something random I just draw a silhouette shape and just build from it. Yay! I'm weird :D 

Music by @Drew3kW -- so awesome!! :D

How I illustrate

Created: Apr 25, 2016

Tags: digital, remix, 16:9, illustration process, illustration, how to, unihorse, how i draw, cat, meow, how i illustrate

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