Come Find Me

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Where did I go all wrong?
When did I tune you out?
Life is such an unknown fear,
I’m hiding behind my ignorant ear—
The pain and suffering was too much to bear.

So I ran away—
So far away,
Deep down inside,
Where I could hide,
I shut you out,
And now the doubt
Of what we could have been—
What we would have been,
Has pushed me even further away
From the only true love I’ve ever known.

I used to be so naïve,
Now experience has changed me,
A broken heart that continues to bleed,
A shattered soul that continues to flee-
With no hope to save me from me

I’m running away—
So far away,
Deep down inside,
Where I can hide,
I’m shutting you out,
I’m filled up with doubt,
Of where we were—
So strong and pure,
And of where we are now—
It’s not like it used to be.

Well I’m scared—
Scared to let you back in,
Scared to find happiness,
Scared to find contentment,
I’m scared to be whole,
Only to have everything
Ripped out again.

Come find me,
I’m broken and empty,
Come find me,
I’m lost and unhappy,
Come find me,
Will you save me from myself?
Before it’s too late…
This is my cry to you,
Answer if you are still there.

by Audrey Schaefer

Created: Dec 09, 2010


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