The Hylamumph

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“Alex, do you know what a Hylamumph is?” asked the Sea Captain.
“No sir, what’s a Hylamumph?” Alex asked the old captain full of wonder.
“It’s one of the rarest sea creatures around,” replied the Sea Captain.
“Have you ever seen one?” asked Alex still full of wonder.
“No, not me but I know some who have,” replied the Sea Captain.
“What does it look like?” asked the now very excited Alex.
“That’s the thing, it changes for every different person it comes across,” replied the Sea Captain.
“What does it do?” asked the young boy.
“They say it grants the deepest of your hearts desires just by looking at you,” replied the Sea Captain with a small grin.
“Where does the Hylamumph live?” asked the now open-mouthed boy.
“No-one knows that for sure, just that it lives out to sea and many hunt for it,” replied the Sea Captain.
“Do you hunt for it sir?” all excitement now lost.
“Everyday of my life,” replied the Sea Captain.

The End

Created: Jan 20, 2010


Nairobin Document Media