The Corpse at the Piano

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There is a piano somewhere in the depths of Marji Island. This piano is not like the one at your piano teacher's or you grandmother's house. No, with this piano is the spirit of the lost soul, Charles. He was killed by his own wife. His wife, Eleanor, had a metal illness and not knowing what she was doing, she accidentally stabbed him one night in his throat. Both Eleanor and Charles were wonderful at playing the piano. They would often do duets together.
On a gentle night , after Charles was dead and gone, Eleanor sat in her bed. She wasn't doing anything, just staring into space. From the parlor came a noise. Piano music. Grabbing a large book from her bedside, Eleanor tip-toed downstairs.
"I know this song," said Eleanor to herself, "It's called The Flamingo and the Turtle."
A figure sat a the piano. He was playing D, B, D, B, over and over again in the song when it was only supposed to be played once.
Louder and louder, faster and faster. The figure's head slowly rose from the piano. It was human anymore. Teeth missing, eye's black, skin decayed, and a horrible gash in his throat.
Eleanor screamed a scream that could startle a banshee.
"Charles! What the hell are you doing here?!"
"Forgiveness," answered Charles, "I know it wasn't your fault that you killed me. It was you illness. It is possessing you, Eleanor! You need to wake up. Play one more song with me. It may help."
So Eleanor sat next to her rotting partner and began to play the first notes of The Flamingo and the Turtle. When they were done, Eleanor felt different, as if she had just awakened from a deep sleep.
She turned to Charles to thank him and apologize, but in his place was a single feather. A flamingo feather.
From that day on Eleanor always played the piano, and after time was completely healed of her illness.
They say even now that the piano still sits in the parlor, with two souls sitting and playing. Playing The Flamingo and the Turtle.

Created: Dec 08, 2010


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