"You Always End Up In The Same Place Where It All Began"

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I took my first breath in Pantai Hospital, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on February 22nd.

From then on, I traveled the world for next several years.
Had food poisoning in Rome.
Wore my bright red jacket in London.
Ate seafood in Bangkok, Thailand.
Had the worst neck ache in Dubai.
Swam in the Gold Coast beach in Australia.
Ate the best cous-cous in Tunis
Made a fool out of myself speaking Arabic in Libya.
Saw the Giza pyramids on a camel in Egypt.
Bought a hand painted vase in Morocco.
Took a picture with Po the Panda in Universal's Studios in Singapore.
Watched the fireworks at night in Hong Kong Disneyland.
Ate my first Five Guys in Virginia.
Saw the Cherry Blossom festival in D.C.
Watched people passing by while eating Magnolia's Red Velvet cupcake in N.Y.C.

Now here I am, back in Kuala Lumpur where I took my first breath, but now more than a decade older, reminiscing of the past while laying next to my puring cat.

Created: Dec 08, 2010


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