A Letter to a Loved One

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Sometimes a loved one can do something that is completely unexpected. These sudden curveballs make your mind bend into a continuous state of confusion. Sure you want to understand it but you know you never will. The emotions you have are all over the place, making you even more confused. Time will heal these wounds even though they will never fully disappear.

A light will eventually make its way into your life again. It could be a good long while, but it will happen. This light, let us call it a blinding happiness, will remind you of the past when you experienced that blinding happiness, that was suddenly taken from you, for the very first time. It was joyous the first time and it will be even more so the next time.

You may worry that when you once again find a sense of blinding happiness it will fade or be stolen away again. And you have every right to worry, but you should not let being afraid of it happening stop you from trying to once again hold a sense of blinding happiness in your life. Not only should you jump for it head first, once you find this blinding happiness again, but you should overcome those fears and trust in yourself.

Everything happens for a reason. This may seem like the epoch you have waited for. It very well may not be, but it very well could be. The renewed blinding happiness is the turning point for you or it could just be another trip into the darkness that teaches you another one of life’s many lessons.

Learn from these. You need to grow from them. Maturing from the “mistakes” will only make you a better person. As they say, “time heals all wounds”, but you must allow yourself to be healed.

Keep your head up. Optimism is not a mask that blurs your vision of blinding happiness. It is the dream that you will find that blinding happiness again. Do not be a pessimist. You will only hurt yourself with that attitude.

As you grow, you yourself will become a blinding happiness for someone else. Remind yourself of this. Treat this blinding happiness with the respect that you expect in return. Be honest, loving, and communicate.

Everyone has a blinding happiness. You will find it. Although you may have to cross a few more hurdles than others to find it. These hurdles will cause you to fall. In time the damage from the fall will heal. It will be worth it. As you will have your blinding happiness.

Created: Dec 08, 2010


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