Love Songs

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when we met
it was acoustic
the hollow sounds of love
that let know
just how you will be loved
nothing else was acceptable
I just wanted to make you feel beautiful
and I hope you can understand
this rough draft of emotion
that I'm pouring out to you
because nothing's ever the same
when you're not here
it's all songs about the rain
sadness and loss
I can't take it anymore
so I drove miles and miles
wound up at your door
just as needing and lost
as any abandoned love can be
I want you to know that
I'll be here
even though you fucked up my life
with every breathe you take
and every other dude you're with
I'll be right here to catch you when you fall
because to me that's what love is
standing by
on the back burner it's so
damned poetic
that I think I'll write it all down
so I can cry over it later
because no matter what
I'll never have you
like I did that first time I kissed you
made love with you
laid in your arms and admitted my obsession
with the three words
that have defined me since I said them
I love you
and it should be that simple
but this is poetry
and it's nothing but tragic
so don't mind me
as I stand under your window
calling out
begging you to hear me read this
my tribute to what was us
and every love song
that made me think about you

Created: Dec 08, 2010


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