RECycled gift wrap

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The green foil paper is RECycled paper from a gift someone gave me. Since it was foil, I intentionally crinkled it up to hide the fact that it isn't pristine. The ribbons on both packages are from weddings at work—at least the smaller one is; I assume the other one is too, or else it was from a gift I've received. The thin ribbon, the one from a wedding, I took out of an extra leaflet so I could recycle the paper, and thought, "Hey, I can use that ribbon!"

I cut the paper snowflake to use as a gift tag. These are both for my sister. The smaller package is a reused box with a prayer card of Our Lady of Guadelupe (this will confuse my sister; I'll have to tell her it's 'cause the Magnificat in Spanish is on the back, and she's trying to learn Spanish!), the only part of the packaging that's new; the red netting was also from a wedding (used by the florist I think. They really waste a lot of packaging supplies).

Ignore the one in the background; it's in a cheap paper to go in the mail. There's a gift bag inside the box, for a friend of mine.

Created: Dec 07, 2010


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