It Was Just a Dream

By Makeupchick


this is a play that i am working on. it is in its first draft. I would love to hear you conmets about this play what i can do to improve it.

It was Just a dream
By M.E.
Corporal Jaxson Edward Burgess (Shadow): Tall blond man with a tattoo of the American flag on his forearm and The Army Crest on his Right shoulder. A quiet man, who has been in the army for a couple of years, has been deployed twice with his third coming up, Specialist in sniper training.
Zoe Marie Denison: short girl with jet black hair big green eyes. She has a quick wit and a fiery temper. She can recite the Army alphabet at the drop of the hat. Has been dating Jaxson less than two years. Has gone through one deployment and is getting ready for another one. She has been massive bad dreams for weeks.
SPECIALIST Andrew James Knight (Knight): Best friend of Jaxson and boyfriend to Jami. Tall boy with Black hair and hazel eyes, very talkative with nothing really to say, met Jaxson in boot camp.
Private Tomas Wade Sawyer (Huck): Boot camp buddy to Jaxson husband Rachel and all around good guy. Drinks too much swears very loud., Tall with green eyes and a shaved head.
Private Scott Michael Johnson (Skinner): Massive men with a quiet nature dosnt say much, Very tall blues and brown hair.
Jami Marie Rice: Best friend of Zoe, Girlfriend of Andrew James Knight. A taller girl with bright Red hair, and brown eyes, has dated for four years. Has been friends with Jaxson ever since they were babies.
Rachel Ann Sawyer: Wife of Tomas Wade Sawyer, tall girl with blond hair and blue eyes, big heart very optimistic.
Jaxson’s Mom: in here middle 50’s tall skinny women with graying hair
Zoe’s Mom: in her mid 50’s short like Zoe Red hair green eyes. Worries constantly.
Jaxson’s Father:
Boy (Jaxson’s son):

Act I Scene I
Curtain opens to a green bedroom. A big bed is in the middle of the room with a night stand on each end. Pictures are everywhere of Jaxson and Zoe together and separate. There’s a closet on one side and bathroom door on the other.
Zoe enters the room from the hallway dress for bed.
Zoe: Jax’s, are you done in there?
Jaxson: Almost, babe. Just looking to see if I forgot anything.
Zoe: (Groans) Jax’s do you have to go tomorrow? Can’t they find some else?
Jaxson: No, they can’t Zoe. We’ve been through this. Its deployment, I get the call, I go! Can’t we just drop it? It’s just 18 months and I’ll be back and we’ll get married, end of story. (Pause for a couple seconds) And now you’re pissed …………again (in a sarcastic tone)
Zoe: No, I’m not. I just don’t want you to go.
Enters Jaxson from bathroom
Jaxson: (Ignoring Zoe) That’s the last of it, I’m all packed.

Jaxson crawls into bed and looks at Zoe, hugs her and promptly goes to sleep.

Zoe: JAXSON EDWARD BURGESS! You did not just fall asleep! It is your last night and you didn’t even kiss me? Wake up or I’ll push you off the bed and you can get a jump start on sleeping on a cot……..I am going to count to three and then I am pushing!

Zoe starts counting 1…2….

Jaxson: I’m up! I’m up! Lord women! What do you have against a man getting a good night’s sleep before he spends 18 months on a cot?

Zoe pushes him off the bed and get up herself

Zoe: Well, you can sleep on the bed! And I’ll sleep somewhere else!
Jaxson: ZOE MARIE that not what I meant, and you know it. I am just tired. I’ve had a long day of drill and packing, not to mention the party you threw. I’m beat! And we have only five hour before we have to be up.
Zoe: Can you just hold me for a while? Can’t we just talk? Please…… Jax’s. (in a quiet whisper) I’m scared.
Jaxson: of course, babe. I know.

They climb back in bed together and hold each other.

Zoe: So…. What do want to talk about?
Jaxson: (Laughing a bit) Anything you want, babe.
Zoe: So I got a promotion at work. I will be the Store Manager instead of just an assistant. Oh yea, and we got some really cute pairs of new shoes. There is a pink pair, and there’s a pair of black, slutty, high heel, Oh and you should see some of the kid shoes. I won’t be able to keep them in. …… (chatters on about shoes. Jaxson falls asleep while Zoe chatters about shoes.) We got in a baby’s dress shoe. It’s black with a pretty pink bow on top. I was thinking about getting it for your sister’s new baby next week. What do you think Jaxson? (Waiting a few seconds) Jaxson? Are you asleep again? Jax’s ?

Zoe looks at Jaxson sleeping again gives up, and turns out the light and goes to sleep herself. Stage goes completely black.
Act I: Scene II
Stage is blank with a few army bags all over the place. Background noises are of families saying good bye. Enters Zoe, Jaxson, Andrew,Jami, Rachel, Wade, Scott
Zoe: Hey Guys!
Jami: (Hugging Zoe) How are you holding up, Kid?
Zoe: (Letting Jami go) I am fine. I just didn’t sleep well.
Jami: Again?
Zoe: it was just a bad dream. Don’t worry about it.
Jami: Have you told Jaxson yet?
Zoe: No, I don’t want to worry him anymore then he already is.
Jami: But he needs know you have a bad feeling about this. Besides, maybe talking about the dreams will stop them.
Zoe: Right. (in a Jaxson voice) You always have a bad feeling about deployment if you didn’t, I’d be worried. (A fake smile and laugh.) It wouldn’t help. You know he’s “government issued”.
Jami: Yes, yes he is, more so then the rest. Hold in there, kid, we’ll knock this one out. You’ll see.
Andrew: Ready to knock one out?
Jaxson: Getter done!!!

All boys laugh.

Rachel: How you two doin?
Jami: Sad.
Zoe: I’m fine.
Jami: (Eye roll) Right.
Rachel: They’ll be back before we know it! I can just see them walking off the buses now. It’ll be about summer time.
Wade: That’s my Army girl, (Smacks her butt and she laughs.)
Scott: Zoe, don’t worry. We’ll take care of your boy. We always do.
Andrew: We’ll just be sitting there and being bored out of our minds. Nothing fun ever happen.
Jaxson: I just get a tan while I’m there, babe.

Again they all laugh. Enters the Moms. Jaxson’s mom hugs him and trying not to cry.
Jaxson Mom: My Baby! I am going to miss you so much. Now remember, wear clean underwear, blow your noise in a tissue, and don’t wipe your hands on your shirt. ( ends up crying hugs him one more time and run off stage crying)
Zoe’s mom: (Hugs Jackson) Now you come home, you hear!!! I want a grandbaby soon!!! (Hugs him one more time then hugs Zoe. Ends up crying. Looks at both of them and puts Zoe’s hand in Jaxson’s. She leaves stage.)
Jaxson and Zoe break off from the group; so do Jami and Andrew, Wade and Rachel
Jackson: Now I’m not going to promise anything to you.
Zoe: I know. You never do.
Jaxson: (slightly emotional) I…I…I love you. I love you so much..
Zoe: I know, I love you too Jax’s. Just come home…. I don’t have a good feeling about this one Jax’s.
Jaxson: Not this again. Zoe, we’ve been thru this time, and time again. I’ll be safe! And I won’t do anything stupid. Damn it, Zoe, I don’t want to fight.

Zoe just starts crying holds on tight to Jaxson and falls apart.

Zoe: I’m sorry. It’s just those dam dreams.
Jaxson: (confused) What dreams?
Voice Off stage: Load em’ up!!!!
Zoe: They’re just dreams! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH.
Jaxson: Don’t let them worry you. I love you. TIAMO!

Jaxson kisses Zoe and the boys leave. Fade out and spot on Zoe as she watches Jaxson leave. Jami walks up to Zoe puts a hand on her shoulder

Jami: Lets go home.
Zoe: (cries and squeaks out) sure.
They walk out together Black out on stage
Act I Scene III
Stage is split in half. On the left side is a military camp where the inside one of the tent is visible. It’s in the middle of the dessert. On the right side is a small living room with couch, a coffee table and two arm chairs. There are pictures of Jaxson and Zoe all over. Scene opens with Jami, Zoe, and Rachel sitting on the couch in their PJ’s.
Jami: You doing okay, Zoe?
Zoe: I’m better. It’s been three weeks now and I’ve figured out what to do here.
Jami: (Laughing) Yea, I guess we do… This sucks!
Rachel: (Optimistically) We only have 682 days until the boys come home. Isn’t that great!?! I wonder if I should start now on Wade’s home coming project?
Zoe: (sarcastically) Yea, you wouldn’t want to miss it. It’s coming up sooo fast. (Rolling her eyes.)
Jami: Zoe, be nice. I don’t mind the countdown clock.
Rachel: You just have to have a positive attitude, that’s all.

Fade out on the living room; lights up on the camp. Enters Wade laughing, followed by Scott, Jaxson, and Andrew.

Jaxson: Knight, buck up. It’s only a game.
Andrew(Knight): I’ll beat you one day! And whatcha goin’ do then?
Jaxson: (laughs) You have a better chance of dating a super model then beating me.
Wade: So what do you think the girls are up too?
Andrew: Hell only knows what. Girl stuff?
Jaxson: Probably just worrying, knowing Zoe. (Jaxon leaves.)
Wade: What the hell’s wrong with him? Shit, drills were hell today.
Andrew: Can it, Huck!!! We don’t need them twice as hard tomorrow. His shit box is getting full. So just can it!
Wade: No thanks to Zoe.
Andrew: Watch it, Huck!!! If he hears you, you’ll be dead.
Wade: Why should I be? All she’s done since they got together is worry about him dying. He’s not Jaxson anymore! He’s just like a damn puppy! She says jump and he says to the moon. It makes me sick. Where’s the Jax’s we knew who’d run into the burning building for fun?
Wade: Whatever! She’s just a bitch anyway.

Andrew jumps over the cot and tackle Wade and a fight starts. Jaxson comes back with the mail, see’s the fight and gets pissed off.
They all line up and march off stage in a military style. Jaxson throws the letter on the cot and marches with them. Fade out on the camp.

Act I Scene IV
Lights up on the living room decorated with a Christmas tree and matching decor. This time it is only Jami and Zoe in street clothes. Christmas music is playing. Jami is holding a 4 foot homemade Santa doll.
Zoe: I hate that woman! She’s way too happy for her own good.
Jami: That’s so true. Put the doll by the tree.
Zoe: How about the closet?
Jami: ZOE! That’s not nice. Where’s your Christmas spirit tonight?
Zoe: Gone; I never had one.
Jami: Cheer up. We’re almost halfway done.
Zoe: What do you think they are up to over there?
Jami: Drills, drills, and more drills. And then for fun even more drills.
Zoe: (laughs) I take it Andrew doesn’t like drills?
Jami: No, he doesn’t and Wade has a horrible habit of making them worse. Not entirely sure why they’re friends.
Zoe: Two words: Boot Camp. That what Jax’s said. Damn it’s been two weeks since the last letter. What’s wrong with the mail? Can’t it go any faster?
Jami: Zoe, its coming halfway around the world. As much as I don’t want to play Rachel, it going to take awhile. It’s normal, kid.
Zoe: I just want him home!
Jami: (With a smile) What do you want most for Christmas?
Zoe: Jaxson!

Music comes on: “I’ll be home for Christmas” by Josh Groban: cd Noel. Zoe starts crying and she turns toward the tree. Enters Andrew and Jaxson in fatigues. Jami is stunned and starts crying
Jami: it’s… it’s you! (Run and jumps into Andrew’s arms)
Andrew: Yes, it’s me.
Jami why are you home I thought only one of you got the time andy?
Andrew Surprise, Merry Christmas babe I love you.

Jaxson walks up slow to Zoe and puts his arms around her, turns her around and kisses her.

Jaxson: Tiamo. Merry Christmas.

Zoe cries harder holds on tight to him.

Zoe: (squeaks out) Tiamo: I love you! You’re home!

Jaxson kisses her again

Jaxson: Tiamo!

Fade out on stage. Listen to the rest of the song.

Act I Scene V
Lights up on the camp. All are sitting around hanging; its free time. Poker game between Andrew and Scott. Jaxson is reading another letter from Zoe. Wade singing offkey Toby Keith’s “Courtsey of the Red, White, and Blue.” All start laughing
Andrew: Three of a kind I win!
Scott: Full house! That ten bucks is mine.
Andrew: Damn!! So Jax, what’s the news?
Jaxson: (looks up and is reluctant to say.) Nothing much, just that it’s February and it’s colder than hell and the North Pole. Oh, your girl friend says to stop while you’re ahead.
Andrew: Damn, that woman knows too much!
Jaxson: Oh and Zoe’s been sick.
Scott: That’s been more frequent lately. Are you sure you didn’t knock her up when you went home for Christmas?
Jaxson: (throws something at Scott) Even I’m not that good. Why don’t you torment Knight about it?
Scott: No thanks, I’ll just take his money.
Jaxson: Oh yeah, and both wedding are getting planned with Rachel’s help. So yea, Zoe’s ready to scream. You know, normal stuff.
Wade: What’s wrong with Rachel? What, your girlfriend too good for help?
Jaxson: Watch it, Huck.
Wade: (To Jaxson) Rachel is the only one that remembers we are alive over here. Your girl………. (Andrew tackles Wade and puts him in a choke hold)
Andrew: (To Jaxson) He says nothing, Shadow, he says nothing. He’ll be quiet all day I promise!

Jaxson and Scott both start laughing. Fade out on the boys

Act I Scene VI
lights up in the living room with Zoe wearing a big army shirt and jeans. Enter from the front door Jami
Jami: Hey, Babe. I got you SOS text. What’s wrong with the boys??? Have they said anything on the news? Are you okay?
Zoe: The boys are fine.
Jami: Rachel? Is she okay? Did she burn herself on one of her crafts?
Zoe: it’s not Rachel.
Jami: Is it your mom or Jaxson’s mom?
Jami: Okay, then what?
Zoe: Sorry, I shouldn’t have texted you.
Jami: So what’s wrong?
Zoe: Nothing.
Jami: Nothing, huh? Then why are you wearing Jaxson t-shirt?
Zoe: (a bit hysterical) I just am. It is a crime to wear your boyfriend’s stuff? When he’s halfway around this God forsaken planet? Doing hell knows what, when he should be here for his baby being born in nine month or my freaking pregnancy?
Jami: You’re pregnant? That explains a lot.
Zoe: What does that mean?
Jami: Mood swings, tears, strange cravings. Hun, not everyone craves lemons and dill pickles together.
Zoe: So? Don’t tell Andrew.
Jami: Okay, why aren’t we telling the boys? This should be a celebration.
Zoe: We just aren’t, okay? Jax doesn’t need another thing to go in his shit box right now.
Jami: This isn’t going to go in the shit box.
Zoe: Yea right.
Jami: Zoe, you’re going to have to tell him.
Zoe: When the time is right maybe. Not now.
Jami: Fine just tell him.

Fade out on Zoe and Jami.

Act I Scene VI
Light come up into a night setting with the cots out and all of the men are asleep except Jaxson who is sitting on the side of his cot staring at the piece of paper.
Jaxson: Damn what am I going to do Lord? She is…. And we are here and I don’t know what the hell am I going to do Lord.

Andrew rolls over and looks at Jaxson

Andrew: Does this mean we won’t be having drills tomorrow?
Jaxson: (Lifting one eye) What do you think?
Andrew: It was worth a shot. (Stretching) What the hell are you doing up?
Jaxson: Nothing…hell Andrew I am in deep!!!
Andrew: Yeah, what’s up? Jax’s, you’ve gotta talk.
Jaxson: She’s pregnant!
Andrew: Oh, shit man! Are you excited?
Jaxson: I don’t know what the hell I am.
Andrew: Damn, you’re good.
Jaxson: (Throwing a nearby object at him) Not that good!!
Andrew: This is good, Man! You get the girl and a baby. Damn, your one lucky son of a bitch.
Jaxson: (Laughs) Damn Andrew, I don’t want to be that good. What the hell is Zoe going to do while I am here?
Andrew: (Laughing) She has Jami and Rachel.
Jaxson: Oh hell, Rachel is going to die with Zoe pregnant.
Andrew: You’re so right. Be happy man, this is a great thing.
Jaxson: Yea I am pretty excited. She’s due about the time that we get back.
Andrew: Yeah, that great.
The light go out to complete black out. Then all you hear are bombs going off people screaming. Lights flashing, guns going off.
Andrew: What the hell! Jax…
Jaxson: SHIT!
Lights completely black you hear a sond of a incoming bomb very loud explosion big flash of light.
Andrew: Holy mother of….. what the hell Wade, Scott, Jaxson is everone okay? ( no one answers right a way Andrew gets scared, and panics)
Andrew: Wade!?!
Wade holy shit man
Andrew: (More Panicked) Scott!?!
Scott: here I think my arm is hurt
Andrew: Jaxson!?! (Jaxson dosnt answer)
Andrew: Jaxson!!! JJJAAAXXSON Oh, hell man. Jax, stay with me, Jax
Jaxson: (very weak) Andrew, And…..
Andrew: Yeah man, it’s me. Stay with us.
Jaxson: Tell her I love her.
Andrew: Jaxson, your going to be fine. Man, stay with me.
Jaxson: Tell her…I will always…love her
Andrew: You can tell her yourself. Stay with me, Jax.
Jaxson: tell her I lov……. (And then goes quite)
Andrew: Jax…Jaxson…Jaxson!!!

Everything goes black

Act I Scene VIII
Set is half of Zoe’s living room and half of a porch.

Zoe: Jami, I am so sick of throwing up!! Hell, how long do I have to do this?
Jami: They say three to four months.
Zoe: 3 to 4 month! Are you crazy? I’m done! You can tell Jax to carry his own damn baby.
Jami: (Laughs) I don’t think that’s possible, Babe.
Zoe: I don’t like this. I hurt. I look at food and I throw up, and he’s in the middle of nowhere having the time of his life! I could just kill him.
Jami: Yes, but if you kill him, you get to the next eighteen years by yourself too.
Zoe: (Glares at her) Right!
Zoe: (Pauses and gets serious) It been almost a month and nothing
Jami: We will hear from them. You know it could be a while.
Zoe: Yeah, but this feels wrong. Nothing on the news and still nothing by mail. It worries me.
Jami: Don’t stress, Zoe. We will hear from the boys.
Zoe: Jami, I am so scared. What if…

Door bell ring midsentence. Zoe goes to the door and she lets in Andrew and Scott and Wade all in formal uniform.

Zoe: What the hell?
Andrew: Zoe Marie Denisen, we came here on official Military business. While in service of his country, Corporal Jaxson Edward Burgess was killed in the line of duty. On behalf …(Gets a little choked up) On behalf of a grateful country, I would like to thank you for the services rendered.
Zoe: No…NO…your lying. (As Zoe crumples in a heap she starts reciting the military Alphabet to herself trying to get away from the pain.) Alpha - Bravo - Charlie - Delta - Echo - Foxtrot - Golf - Hotel - India - Juliet - Kilo - Lima - Mike - November - Oscar - Papa - Quebec - Romeo - Sierra Tango - Uniform - Victor - Whiskey - X-ray - Yankee – Zulu

Andrew: (drops the official business attitude.) Zoe, you can’t hide from this. It’s true. He’s gone. (Swallows his own emotions.)

Zoe: Alpha - Bravo - Charlie - Delta - Echo - Foxtrot - Golf - Hotel - India - Juliet - Kilo - Lima - Mike - November - Oscar - Papa - Quebec - Romeo - Sierra Tango - Uniform - Victor - Whiskey - X-ray - Yankee – Zulu

Jami: (Hugging Zoe with tear in her eyes.) I am sooo sorry. I am soo sorry.

Zoe: Your lying he is fine, just on a deployment. Your wrong! Alpha - Bravo - Charlie - Delta - Echo - Foxtrot - Golf - Hotel - India - Juliet - Kilo - Lima - Mike - November - Oscar - Papa - Quebec - Romeo - Sierra Tango - Uniform - Victor - Whiskey - X-ray - Yankee – Zulu

Andrew: (crouches to Zoe’s level) Zoe, he’s not coming back. He’s dead, gone, girl. (whispering) He is just gone. (Andrew stands back up and looks at Jami) I’ll be home after I’m done at base. (Turns sharply and walks out the front door.)
Jami: (just keeps hugging Zoe)
Zoe: You promised, Jax. You promised. You said Tiamo!
Fade out on Zoe and Jami
Zoe: (as the lights are dimming) Tiamo.
Black out

Act I Scene IX

Light up On stage you have a closed casket and flowers. Everyone is in black saying their last goodbyes.
Wade: (To Jaxson) I’m so sorry. Man, you where a great leader.
Rachel: (To Jaxson) Don’t worry about Zoe. We’ll keep an eye on her.
Scott: (To Jaxson) Man, you’ll be missed. You truly were the glue in this platoon!
Andrew: (To Jaxson) Bye man, I’ll keep an eye on her. I’ll help every way I can.
Jami: Bye, Jax.
Everyone leaves except Zoe. Zoe falls on the casket
Zoe: Jax, I can’t do this alone!! I CAN’T Live without you! How will he ever know his daddy? (Crying) I can’t live, Jax.
In full uniform Jaxson’s ghost walks onto the stage. Hot spot light with a defuser to make it almost appear that he is glowing.

Jaxson: Babe, don’t cry. Babe, I love you and always will. (Gets no response from Zoe. Jaxson goes to touch her shoulder and is stop by and older man in a Vietnam uniform)
Jaxon’s Father: Jaxson, son, you can’t touch the living,
Jaxson: But she’s hurting so bad, Dad. I can’t leave her.
Jaxson’s Father: You must. It’s the only way to let here move on with life.
Jaxson: I Can’t. I love her.
A small boy around 4 or 5 runs on stage in a cute outfit and Jaxson’s army hat
Boy: (To Jaxson) Daddy, why is mommy crying?
Jaxson: She’s missing Daddy. You have to be very strong when you go down there, Son.
Boy: Daddy, were you strong when you were there?
Jaxson: Yes, son.
Boy: I love you, Daddy.
Jaxson: (whispers to Zoe, while he picks up the boy) Tiamo.
They walk off stage and the lights fade out on stage

Act I Scene X

With light still out scene changes in to the bed room at the first of the show
Jaxson: Zoe… Zoe…Zoe we’ve got to go, Babe. You have to wake up! We are going to be late.
Lights slowly come up and you see the bedroom with Jaxson standing by her in full army uniform and his bag by the door
Zoe: Jaxson….Jaxs (full wakes up and realizes it only a dream throws her arms around his neck) Jaxson, your alive!
Jaxson: (Confused) Of course I am
Zoe: (With relief) It was only a dream!
Jaxson: (With concern) What was only a dream?
Zoe (shakes her head) Nothing, let’s go.
Stage goes dark.
The End

It Was Just a Dream

Created: Jan 20, 2010


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