HELP ME WRITE A SONG w/ lyrics (this land I love)

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Hey there little lady. Thought I'd take a crack at this. I wrote this really quickly and performed it even quicker, but just wanted to give you an idea of how it could be sung. I played it super fast w/ a slightly different rhythm and its either in a different key or my guitar was out of tune:) Anyways, here are the lyrics...feel free to take some or none or even just the idea. Your lovely voice and guitar chords inspired it. All the best!

Untitled (This land I love?)
I was a sailor left at sea
A diamond chaser selling sheen
But I found the treasure in
I found the treasure in me

Now I’m a pirate on my boat
I’ve got black sails, planks, and rope
Though I’m all alone, I’ve got my rum to guide me home
I’ll never lose sight of the land I lived and loved

There’s no life like an island
With a starry sky above
Never thought I’d be this high on…
life and the land I love

Now I’m a lady crowned as queen
A modern lady swept in sheen
I found the treasure in
I found the treasure in me

I never lost sight of the land I lived and loved.

*I just played the basic structure. I think repeating some on the bridge and other places could be good. I changed the bridge up as you can tell...again...feel free to take it or leave it. I just couldn't find the chord you were playing. Would love to hear you sing it though. Nice work!

Created: Dec 07, 2010


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