The Struggle to do Good

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People don’t understand purity so they act adversely

They don’t understand kindness so they speak obscenely and tersely

It’s as if the qualities within themselves that they cannot actualize, they despise within those who do

The expressiveness of emotion causes a commotion amongst the masses who act passively and can’t actively live within the boundaries of their own Soul’s

I live within my own reality and delve deeper every day into my positive and extraneous mentality about how everyone should live happily and without restraint

The thought of Universal Understanding makes the ignorant faint and turn to the first recognizable saint for guidance

There is no indifference once harmonious tranquility becomes your mobile for stability

When the first thought that enters your mind is to leave behind your demonized past that makes you seem evil

In all actuality, it was just a time in your life when you were young and your comparing and contrasting skills were feeble

I’ve compared and contrasted ideas within myself and the ones that have lasted are simply messages of Love and Compassion

I’m a simple person with simple ways in which I seek a totality within my mortality

Every day is a new experience and conquerable new idea in which I must decipher meaning for a necessary solitude and modest attitude that are imperative to my living

Often, my ideals will be constantly shifting, but the only consistency is my resistance to concede to a formal life of comprises

I will never compromise myself, and the only formidable wealth I possess is my wisdom about how meaningless material wealth truly is

The only currency I reap and horde are the realizations of my desires for a better world in which every boy and girl will be able to reach their full potential

And positive affirmations about the essentials, (Truth, Honesty, and Genuineness), constantly buzz about my brain

My only trains of thought are brought about by doubt of whether I’m doing my absolute best

Often I find myself broken and so I test my faith by throwing myself into extremes

To this day, there has never been an instance in which I wasn’t able to recollect and redeem my True Self

I’m a champion of my own personal tribulations and every inclination I receive to venture forth into the unknown… is answered

And I’m a better person for it.

Created: Dec 07, 2010


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