Drifting and Floating

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The unraveling of my sanity is known only to strangers;

They see the darkness filling my eyes as I pass and glare;

Every step sends quakes of discontent as passersby feel the tension gripping at their toes;

Stares become less frequent to the point of non-existence;

My goal to go unnoticed has been noticed;

I now float as a spirit of inhumanity and surrealness;

Any person who sees me shutters and feels prickles stinging their arms like needles;

It’s as if they are staring into their own darkness and wretchedness;

The sadness of realizing everything can change in an instant becomes petrifying;

I drift in-and-out of my physical form to alleviate my constant burdening thoughts of logical observation;

Fear encompasses everyone, but actualization punishes the curious;

I need not know any more…

All has been consecrated as Hopeless.

Created: Dec 07, 2010


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